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Reliance Jio Infocomm Ltd partners with DEKRA on a Device Performance Quality and Durability Test Program

|6 March, 2017 | Malaga, Spain – LTE networks operator, Reliance Jio Infocomm Ltd (“Jio”), and wireless Laboratory, DEKRA, today announced a partnership within the framework of the DPQDTP Program of Jio.

Jio, a leading LTE network operator, has created a Device Performance Quality & Durability Test Program (DPQDTP), which will stress and validate the: technology, features, mechanical performance, and Mean Time To Failure (MTTF) of products that are used by its subscribers.

Jio has partnered with DEKRA, a leading laboratory in the business for compliance testing, to bring this program to the market.

To enable this program DEKRA has carefully selected and assembled industry proven test cases based on the value of each KPI produced. DEKRA worked with Jio program management to build a program divided into 4 detailed test segments; Mechanical Durability, Performance Quality, Mean Time To Failure (MTTF) and Feature Enablement.

As part of Mechanical Durability testing, the devices are exposed to physical rigors such as shakes, extreme temperature variations, bends, drops and falls. These tests allow the test team to create a MTTF profile that determines a predicted life cycle of a product. This test area is a calculated method so that the operator knows what to expect with catastrophic device failure. The customer should receive the full value of the device throughout its lifecycle.

Jio does not stop there. The product moves to DEKRA’s Performance Quality test sequence. The device performance is measured during stress tests that emulate real world interaction with the users and their device. The tests provide a clear understanding and determination of measured performance and user experience.

Because the Jio advanced LTE network enables a feature rich device to reach its full potential, DEKRA has assembled the tools and tests which provide verification and substantiation of network features. Jio wants to ensure these features are working as expected within the device as it is associated to the LTE network. This real life feature testing exits the laboratory environment and enters a live network test process delivering a vetted user experience and a product that will be network ready for many years to come.

Fernando E. Hardasmal, CEO of DEKRA Testing and Certification, S.A.U. and Global Director Market and Sales DEKRA´s Global Service Unit Product Testing & Certification, says: “we structured the Device Performance Quality & Durability Test Program for Jio to guarantee durability and quality assessments through innovations in testing. We have built a process and have assembled test methodologies which will effectively determine mobile device quality, performance and durability. The Jio developed shake, rattle, and roll stress test program is meant to punish a commercial handset, demonstrating its durability and performance as it enters the Jio network and a customer’s hands.”

DEKRA is offering these services as a third party lab and continues to work directly with the OEMs so they have a clear and clean process with set expectation for testing and no delay in getting to the market. The Jio DPQDTP developed by DEKRA will provide tested, feature rich mobile phones, and a process with a clear path to enter the Jio network.

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