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Be ready for Radio Equipment Directive 2014/53/EU (RED)

| February, 2016 |Radio Equipment Directive 2014/53/EU (RED) replaces Radio & Telecommunication Terminal Equipment Directive (R&TTE) -1999/5/EC, repealed with effect from June 13th 2017.

The new Radio equipment Directive introduces several changes that affect most of radio transmission equipment and modify the scope of application, including:

● Sound and TV receive-only equipment (broadcast receivers)

● Equipment operating below 9 kHz

● Radio-determination equipment

● Frequency limit: < 3.000 GHz (without lower frequency limit)

and excluding, Telecom Terminal Equipment.

Although the general principles and essential requirements, of the Radio Equipment Directive are very similar to the R&TTE Directive, there are deviations on technical requirements, more focused on efficient use of the radio spectrum and the safety and health of users, as well as administrative procedures and requirements.

Effective on June 13th 2017, all radio equipment being placed on the EU market must comply with the provisions and requirements of the RED, even those devices that were in compliance with the R&TTE Directive but will still be on the market after that date.

During transition and when harmonized standards are not available to show compliance with radio essential requirement, an EU Type Examination Certificate issued by a Notified Body will be required to show compliance with the RED.

“We will be delighted to assist manufacturers during this transition process so as to certify your new and existing products under the new requirements of the RED; DEKRA is ready to provide you with its testing lab, Notified Body (1909) and International Type Approval services”, says Francisco Cañas, Regulatory Laboratory Director at DEKRA Testing and Certification, S.A.U.

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