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DEKRA offers LTE-U Coexistence Testing

|2 March, 2017 | DEKRA announces the ability to conduct LTE-U coexistence testing.

DEKRA has been approved by Wi-Fi Alliance® to perform the LTE-U coexistence testing in accordance with the industry developed Coexistence Test Plan at its Virginia, USA wireless testing laboratory.

DEKRA has worked closely with Wi-Fi Alliance and industry leaders in the development of Wi-Fi® and LTE-U coexistence test methodologies. DEKRA has developed specialized software and procedures that allow LTE-U solution providers to measure impact to technologies that operate in the unlicensed spectrum of 5GHz, such as 802.11ac and Wi-Fi.

Fernando E. Hardasmal, CEO of DEKRA Testing and Certification, S.A.U. and Global Director Market and Sales DEKRA´s Global Service Unit Product Testing & Certification, says: “The ability to measure and understand complexities of coexistence allow LTE-U solution providers to demonstrate a fair environment as new technologies enter the unlicensed spectrum arena. DEKRA will continue to develop best practices while working with these technology innovators in creating a fair environment for technology innovation in the wireless industry.” DEKRA’s coexistence test software and test environments have been developed and validated with attention to detail that has revolutionized the measurement of operating multiple technologies in a shared and unlicensed spectrum environment.

DEKRA is currently offering coexistence testing in accordance with the Wi-Fi Alliance Coexistence Test Plan v1.1. DEKRA offers the coexistence test services as a third party lab and continues to work directly with solution providers that seek an efficient process without any delay in getting products to market.

The FCC recently announced that it has a regulatory compliance profile for LTE-U certification. With the DEKRA coexistence service and the FCC regulatory compliance testing according to the title 47 CFR Part 15 Subpart E, DEKRA has a full service offering to get your product fully vetted and ready for market.

”DEKRA has offered Wi-Fi CERTIFIED services for many years, and DEKRA has been a valued Wi-Fi Alliance partner in testing and program development as well as development of the Coexistence Test Plan” says Edgar Figueroa, Wi-Fi Alliance President and CEO. “It’s important for coexistence testing to take place in trusted, independent labs such as DEKRA’s to provide unbiased results. Wi-Fi Alliance congratulates DEKRA as it expands its service offering to include coexistence services.”


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