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Juan Carlos Soler appointed as Global Technical Leader in the field of EMC and RF and related technologies


| 23th June, 2016 | We are pleased to announce the appointment of Juan Carlos Soler as Global Technical Leader for EMC and RF.


Juan Carlos has been involved in testing in this field for almost 20 years now and gained a lot experience in setting up EMC and RF laboratories and involved in running these laboratories.

Currently he is also involved in several standardizations committees and as Global Technical Leader he will be taking care of knowledge sharing, improvements, new developments and qualification coordination in the field of EMC, RF and related fields of technologies for the DEKRA Certification group globally.

Juan Carlos will be joining the team of Global Technical leaders, André Bergervoet, Thijs van Zanten and Ted Drost. Please join us in wishing him success in this role and give him the support in his GTL activities.

His e-mail details:

Press Contact
 Belén García
+34 95 261 93 09



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