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Digitization Brings Growth Surge

| December, 2016 - Málaga, Spain |


• Revenues grow by 6% to EUR 2.9 billion in 2016

• Number of employees rises to over 38,000 for first time

• Strong expansion of testing capacity in Asia-Pacific

• 13 years of continuous growth by expert organization

Global expert organization DEKRA continues to grow. Consolidated revenues in 2016 are expected to rise by approximately 6% to 2.9 billion Euros. More than 80% of the rise in revenue is due to strong organic growth. DEKRA is investing in its future development. This applies to more traditional areas, such as regular vehicle inspections, and to new testing markets for the Internet of Things. The number of employees has almost doubled in the past 8 years, to well over 38,000. In addition, a total of 15 new laboratories went live worldwide in the past two years, amongst which a lab in Dubai. Further growth is expected for 2017 as well in e.g. DEKRA Automotive and DEKRA Industrial.

DEKRA Middle East Testing Facility Receives ISO 17025 Accreditation

In February 2016, DEKRA opened its first independent testing laboratory in the Jebel Ali Free Zone Area (JAFZA) in Dubai. The facility is designed to perform tests for products like switchgear assemblies, cables, busbar trunking systems, and packaged substations in line with national and international standards and/or client-specific requirements. Recently, the test lab was accredited for ISO 17025 by the Dubai Accreditation Center (DAC). The accreditation assures customers that the test, calibration, and testing reportare accurate and reliable. In addition, testing reports are more readily accepted in overseas markets, helping manufacturers and exporters reduce costs.

DEKRA assumes its long-term growth trajectory will continue in 2017. The positive business developments are expected to be roughly in par with previous years. DEKRA CEO Stefan Kölbl stated: "We have set the course to ensure safety in the digital world as well in the future. In this context, our established expertise as a global market leader for vehicle inspections and the newly acquired business fields in electronics and telecommunications complement each other perfectly. Over the coming years, DEKRA will assume an active pioneering role with regard to the concept development and implementation of the necessary test standards.”

In 2016, DEKRA focused on expanding its service portfolio by integrating its acquired companies specialized in Internet of Things. The company is positioned strongly on future markets with AT4 wireless in Spain, QuieTek and DEKRA iST Reliability Services, both in Taiwan. In addition, DEKRA has made acquisitions to expand its international testing network of laboratories for the Internet of Vehicles (IoV). Kölbl: "Secure connectivity is becoming increasingly important. The demand for safe devices, wireless components, and electromobility is growing worldwide."

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