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First join IoT Seminar took successfully place in Arnhem

| 25 November, 2015 | Jointly organized by DEKRA and its subsidiary AT4 wireless, the “Internet of Things” seminar was successfully held in Arnhem, The Netherlands last 24th No-vember.

XX participants, including directors, technical managers, and engineers from 40 Telecom, Health, and XXX related companies attended.

Experts from both companies, provided attendees with an overview of global compliance requirements for IoT devices, and with the most common used communication standards. In addition speakers were teaching them about the challenges and chances IoT offers and about how DEKRA can support them.

After the acquisition of AT4 wireless by DEKRA, it services offer for IoT market is being strengthened.

DEKRA can provide now services for the complete IoT Value Chain (HW, con-nectivity and Value Added Services) and for a good part of the Value Chain Added Value Services, meeting with the market requirements:

• Regulatory (RF, EMC)

• Wireless Industry Certification (Bluetooth®, Wi-Fi™, NFC, Mobile, Wire-less Charging)

• IoT Vertical markets Certification for All Seen Alliance, All Seen Alliance, LoRa™ Alliance, ULE Alliance, MirrorLink™, Continua®.

• International Type Approval Services

• Cyber Security Testing


Business Contact AT4 wireless
 Carlos Pérez
+34 952 61 93 13

Press Contact AT4 wireless
 Belén García
+34 95 261 93 09


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