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AT4 wireless extends its wireless interoperability testing services to wireless charging

| March 4, 2015 | Malaga, March 4th, 2015. AT4 wireless announces that it is now offering a new interoperability testing service for wireless charging devices at its Malaga, Spain premises. This new service is the first one including PMA (Power Matter Alliance) and A4WP (Alliance for Wireless Power) certified devices.


AT4 wireless is the only lab in the world that can conduct both PMA and A4WP certification testing and based in its interoperability and wireless charging testing experience has been able to create a number of test cases and a complete test plan for both inductive and resonant technologies to check the behaviour of the device under test against a wide range of PMA and A4WP certified devices available at the WiOT lab.

The test bed that has just been built will continue evolving by adding both new reference devices to the testing environment, both transmitters and receivers, and also new test cases that guarantee a good user experience through the smooth interoperability between devices. This wireless charging test bed is part of the WiOT test bed that AT4 wireless has been building over the last years that now includes other technologies as Bluetooth®, Wi-Fi™, NFC and now, wireless charging.

“We believe that testing regulatory and conformance requirements is essential, but testing interoperability is becoming critical for all wireless technologies given the number of markets and usage models where wireless is emerging and growing globally; AT4 wireless is developing the right testing services and solutions for these new needs at its WiOT Labs and Tier 1 vendors in the Telecoms and Automotive industry are supporting our efforts”, said Fernando E. Hardasmal, Deputy General Director at AT4 wireless, S.A.

Press Contact AT4 wireless
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