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AT4 wireless completes testing of first ULE certified devices worldwide

| 04 September, 2015 | Málaga (Spain) – AT4 wireless, the Certification Laboratory and Qualification Body for the ULE Certification Program, announces    the certification of first ULE devices worldwide.   

AT4 wireless’ ULE Laboratory, as the only worldwide ULE Certification Laboratory and Qualification Body, has successfully completed the certification testing activities and verified that this initial group of devices comply with the requirements defined by the ULE Certification Process, that ensures interoperability of ULE devices across multiple vendors verifying Services and Interfaces defined by the ULE HAN FUN application layer specifications.

The group of certified devices, made up of opening and closing sensors for garage doors and windows from VTech Telecommunications Ltd. and motion, temperature, flood and doors/ windows opening and closing detectors from Crow Electronic Engineering, Ltd. ,  is the first one worldwide to show the ULE interoperability mark.

“We are proud to be part of the first ULE certification achieved by VTech, Crow, and pleased with the work done by the team of professionals from ULE Alliance, VTech, Crow and AT4 wireless; We are currently supporting other vendors that have committed to this wireless technology, and we expect to complete the certification testing for their devices in the following weeks”, comments José de la Plaza, Corporate Laboratory Director at AT4 wireless.

“The goal of the ULE Certification Program is to assure market stakeholders such as carriers, retailers, and end users that OEM products conform to a set of standards that add value to wireless IoT devices. It ensures interoperability of devices across multiple manufacturers and enforces a high quality requirement for product operation to achieve consistent user experience,” says Avi Barel, Business Development Director of the ULE Alliance. “I would like to congratulate our promoter member VTech Telecommunications, Ltd. " and contributor member Crow Electronic Engineering, Ltd., who now may carry the ULE logo on certified products.”

AT4 wireless actively collaborates with ULE Alliance, a non-profit organization of leading companies that promotes the worldwide allocation and market adoption of the ULE (Ultra Low Energy) wireless technology. Along 2014, AT4 wireless has participated in the development of the Certification Program, including the Test Specifications, Test Procedures and Test Bed. In March 2015, AT4 wireless has been designated by ULE Alliance as its Certification Laboratory.


Press Contact AT4 wireless
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+34 95 261 93 09


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