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Power Matters Alliance has officially recognized AT4 wireless as the first PMA Accredited Certification Laboratory in Europe and Japan

| September 18, 2014 | AT4 wireless has been officially accredited by the Power Matters Alliance (PMA) to provide certification testing according to the PMA global certification program, being the first one available in Europe and Japan.

Since wireless charging started to gain market acceptance, the global interoperability among products from different industries plays an increasingly important role. For this reason PMA has created a certification program aimed to establish a global network of seamless wireless charging services wherever portable devices are used.

As a PMA Accredited Certification Lab, AT4 wireless is subject to a strict quality process defined by ISO/IEC 17025. Currently we provide official conformance and interoperability testing to companies aiming to certificate their wireless charging products, such as mobile phones, smartphones, tablets, etc.

The products tested and certified a by AT4 wireless will be allow to show the “P” mark, according to PMA global certification program. “P” mark is a guarantee of standards-based quality widely used by every industry and company that adopts the PMA standards and platform anywhere in the world.

“This is a new step towards developing a cost-effective and interoperable ecosystem of wireless power charging components, systems and services. We are excited and proud to receive this recognition, and we look forward to announcing the first PMA certified devices tested by AT4 wireless, over the upcoming weeks”, said Jose de la Plaza, Corporate Laboratories Director at AT4 wireless.

AT4 wireless is a worldwide recognized wireless testing Laboratory with years of proven experience in wireless and mobile communications testing as well as in Health, Automotive, M2M, etc. AT4 wireless supports the evolution of the wireless industry in getting products to market as efficiently as possible, while offering the largest certification testing capacity for 2G, 3G, LTE, Wi-Fi™, Bluetooth®, NFC, MirrorLink, Wireless Charging and Continua Health Alliance.


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