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Serviber Communications

DEKRA offers extensive experience along with a full range of value added products and services which, when combined, provide a standardised model from which to understand, administrate, analyse and make decisions about a company’s telecommunications infrastructure and services.

DEKRA is the Spanish market leader in the provision of solutions and services with added value in terms of telecommunications management and cost control. Our client portfolio includes some of Spain’s most important institutions, along with leading companies in the public and private sphere.

Serviber Telecommunications Cost Management Platform

A range of software solutions designed to reliably identify, manage and interpret the large amount of data, items and entries that make up corporate telecommunications bills (landline, mobile and data), designed for companies which:

- use large communications networks with high volumes of voice (landline and mobile) and data traffic
- have numerous offices or branches distributed throughout the world
- have a complex hierarchical company structure and frequent changes
- have a large and hard to manage telecommunications services inventory, reliant on one or more operator

The Serviber Telecommunications Cost Management Platform includes:

 Serviber BS - Billing System for Telephone Calls
 Serviber GF - Invoicing System for Telecommunications Bills
 Serviber AT - Analysis System for Telephone Traffic
 Serviber ETL - Mediation System for Telephone Traffic



Serviber Telecommunications Cost Management Platform

Serviber Telecommunications Cost Management Platform



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Friday, November 26, 2021
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