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iBOX Ambient Intelligence Networks

One of the main priorities across all sectors and business areas is to achieve automation, efficient resource management and improved services and processes. There is currently a demand for solutions that improve efficiency, cost control and the automation of processes.

iBOX Ambient Intelligence is a solution based on wireless communication technology which enables management and remote control of data and devices through obtaining information in real time from a network of sensors. It is able to remotely monitor environmental factors such as temperature, humidity, light or position, as well as control the devices which influence these conditions. The different interfaces available enable integration of a large number of commercial sensors and/or actuators.

The main features of the sensor network platform are:

 Long battery life based on low energy consumption
 Easy to install and maintain
 Dynamic and scalable architecture
 Excellent portability
 Remote control and alarm function; accessible via web, mobile, SMS, IVR, etc 

iBOX Ambient Intelligence Networks

For use in the following industries: 

 Precision agriculture
 Energy and water distribution networks
 Energy efficiency
  Environmental control; pollution, flooding and forest hazards
  Monitoring of flora and fauna
  Control of solar farms
  Localisation and identification of goods and people
  Meter reading
  Security applications in the health sector
 Control and monitoring of the cold chain
  Control of industrial processes
  Prevention of accidents in the workplace
 Detection of the presence of vehicles and vessels (intelligent parking)



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Saturday, January 29, 2022
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