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Serviber ETL

Serviber ETL is an IT system that extracts, transforms and stores large amounts of data. It is capable of processing data from a variety of sources, standardising data based on pre-selected criteria, and storing data in other databases to later be processed by management applications (ERP, CRM, statistics, etc.).

Applied to the management of telephone traffic, Serviber ETL is designed to capture CDRs (Call Detail Records), process data according to voice source technology (Cisco, Alcatel, Aastra, etc.), and store information in a database to later create reports and graphics detailing the traffic generated through the telecommunications network.

Based on its capacity to process data, it is especially recommended for large voice networks, as well as being an ideal tool for use with operators in mediation processes to monitor telephone traffic generated by Voice over IP switchboards.


Serviber ETL




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Saturday, January 29, 2022
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