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Serviber GE - Control and monitoring of energy costs

Serviber GE is a powerful management and decision-making tool which simplifies and facilitates the tasks associated with energy analysis processes, thereby optimising technical and administrative resources.

Serviber GE centrally collates all the information about energy consumption that a maintenance manager needs, enabling data to be analysed with a view to applying more energy efficient policies to the network.

These types of solutions offer companies numerous advantages:

 Provide a global vision of the energy network, helping to develop the evolution of the network, for example, in expansion planning processes
 Facilitates analysis of the company’s use of energy resources
 Is a very powerful consultancy tool in the decision-making process, as well as for analysis and optimisation of energy resources
 Provides information regarding the quality of energy and the energy rating
 Enables reports to be obtained regarding environmental sustainability
 Facilitates monitoring and analysis of the performance of facilities
 Helps monitor established objectives and identify deviations and their causes
 Provides an energy saving of up to 10 to 20 % through the application and follow up of energy efficient policies (average obtained from projects carried out)
 The web interface enables authorised users to gain access from any computer or device connected to the Internet

Serviber GE provides a response to the common problem of energy management:

 Cost and quality management; standardised billing
 Supports management of contracts and purchases
 Control panel; analysis
 Management, distribution and internal diffusion of assigned energy costs by the cost centre.

Serviber GE - Control and monitoring of energy costs


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Wednesday, January 26, 2022
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