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Consultancy Services and Management of Telecommunications Costs
Consultancy Services and Management of Telecommunications Costs

Professional services specifically aimed at achieving the following objectives related to management of company telecommunications costs:

 Knowledge and assessment of the company’s current telecommunications infrastructure and services; alternative solutions for development and optimisation
 Identification of data sources (contracts, bills, corporate applications, switchboards, etc.)
 Definition of a business model or standardised data treatment based on the company’s control strategies and cost saving policies
 Fixing of objectives (prices, efficiency, cost distribution criteria, reduction of costs, infrastructure expenditure, optimisation of inventories, etc.)
 Implementation of an IT platform to manage telecommunications costs (Serviber)
 Identification of analysis and publication variables for the control panel
 Data analysis (incidents, budget deviations, trends, technical support in contracting services from operators, advice for creating annual budgets, benchmarking, etc.).

Thanks to the combination of consultancy solutions and services, project management and technical support, all supported by DEKRA’ knowledge and experience, improvements can be made in managing company telecommunications costs, while facilitating processes and providing key indicators for effective decision-making.

DEKRA offers its clients a team of professionals with extensive experience and a high level of specialisation in providing services and developing telecommunications management and cost control applications.

 Over 300 direct clients using applications, technical support services and managed services
 Over 3,000 indirect clients with billing licenses provided via manufacturers and integrators
 Over 1,000,000 tariff calculated telephone extensions belonging to around 2,000 switchboards and ToIP telephone systems
 Mediation in the telephone traffic generated by over 200,000 IP telephones belonging to platforms using a range of VoIP technologies
 Tariffing for some of the largest corporate voice networks in Spain, with volumes of around 100,000 extensions and over 500 telephone switchboards
 Services and implementation of applications to manage telecommunications bills and control costs in companies and public corporations with over 100,000 billable services


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Saturday, January 29, 2022
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