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 3POL Triple Play
Triple-Play Services Over LTE

Keywords: Triple-play, LTE
Test Environment for Mobile Communications (3.5G y Super3G)

Keywords: 3G, test systems, EDGE, UMTS, HSDPA, E-U
Efficiency in energy consumption in the fourth generation mobile devices

Keywords: energy efficiency, mobile communications, LTE-A, M2M
5G for cooperative & connected automated MOBIility on X-border corridors.

Keywords:5G, corridor, mobility, trials, CCAM
Advanced Lifestyle Improvement system & new Communication Experience

Keywords: ICT, TV, inclusion
Application of ICT on healthcare and personal welfare in an interoperability environment

Keywords: eHealth, interoperability, monitoring
Wireless Communications technologies Architecture focused on improving quality in healthcare services

Keywords: eHealth, Networks management, advanced services
Business Operating Support Systems
Keywords: Management system, communications network, QoS
Building Radio frequency IDentification solutions for the Global Environment

Keywords: RFID, EPCglobal, Discovery Services
Development of an advanced and powerful web portal for teleasistance and remote management, control and configuration of air conditioned devices
Keywords: Remote management
 CID2 logo
Viability study for building a Competence Centre for R&D

Keywords: R&D, competence centre, mobile and wireless communications 
Infrastructure of the Connected Car Testing Center in the Technological Park

Keywords: connected car, concar
 CRM Social
CRM Social

Keywords: CRM, wireless sensor networks, multichannel communication, inclusion 
Efficient continuous care for multipathological chronic patients

Keywords: eHealth, telemonitoring, continuous care 
ICT-enabled, cellular artificial liver system incorporating personalized patient management and support

Keywords: eHealth, artificial liver
Intelligent, efficient and secure network for energy distribution

Keywords: smart grids
Development of an Interoperable Platform for Internet of Things (IoT) Connectivity

Keywords: IoT, Interoperabilidad
Smart Open Services for European Patients

Keywords: interoperability, health, electronic health record, electronic prescription
Design of the European mobile network operator for research

Keywords:Mobile network operators, infrastructures, research
Flexible Inlays in Large Volume for Identification Application

Keywords: RFID, inlays 
 FI-Core  Fi-Core
Future Internet - Core

Keywords: Keywords: Future Internet Core Platform/Technology Foundation, Cloud, Internet of Things, Data/Context Management, BigData, Security, Trust, Privacy, Apps/Data delivery, Interface to Networks and Devices, Open APIs, Open Innovation Ecosystem
Promote Confidence in Future Information Technologies for the Valorisation of European Research Infrastructures

Keywords: IPv6, TTCN-3, testing 
Certification for Telematics Components, Systems & Services

Keywords: ITS, certification, automobile  
Update of the DEKRA laboratories infrastructures to provide advanced testing services

Keyswords: laboratory infrastructures, testing services
Achieving Low-Latency in Wireless Communications

Keywords: Latency, LTE, M2M  
Research on suitable technologies and principles to provide citizens ubiquitous services, contents and information

Keywords: ITS, mobility, advanced servcies
Generation of technologies and know-how focused on improvement of road transport

Keywords: ITS, road transport
Methodology and Infrastructure for Characterization and Test of Photovoltaic Solar Panels

Keywords: photovoltaic energy, test services
Movilidad y Automoción para Redes de Transporte Avanzadas

Keywords: ITS, mobility


Herramienta de MInería de DAtoS para la prestación de servicios de evaluación de "performance" en redes de comunicaciones móviles

Keywords: Data mining, performance, networks, communications, mobile
Modernización de las Infraestructuras para el Desarrollo de Nuevas Tecnologías de Comunicación Inalámbricas

Keywords: wireless communications, development infrastructures
Acquisition of testing technologic infrastructure

Keywords: wireless communications, renewable energies , development infrastructures
Technologic Infrastructure for Emerging Technologies

Keywords: testing services, wireless communications, renewable energies , scientific and technologic infrastructures
Technologies to provide mobile services in a future intelligent universe

Keywords: ubiquitous services, intelligent environment
Update of the DEKRA testing technologic infrastructures

Keywords: development infrastructure, test services, test systems
Development of a multi-standard physical layer to be integrated in new 4G communications networks test tools

Keywords: development
Development of an advanced platform for the evaluation of the performance of mobile networks and terminals.

Keywords: performance testing, mobile, QoE
Precision, Diagnosis, and Comparative Tool for the Evaluation of Mobile Communications Networks

Keywords: 4G, 5G, Wi-Fi, data management
Relay based Wireless Network and Standard

Keywords: WiMAX relay
Subestaciones para una Smart Grid

Keywords: electric energy distribution networks, advanced monitoring
Co-operative Systems for Road Safety “Smart Vehicles on Smart Roads

Keywords: ITS, road safety, intelligent vehicles, intelligent roads
 SECRET Project
Securización de los Elementos Críticos de las Redes Eléctricas Telecontroladas

Keywords: Telecontrol, energy networks, security
 SECRET Project
Wireless Devices Global Testing and Certification Management System

Keywords: testing, Management, certificación, móviles
Integral Communications Networks Management System

Keywords: communications networks management
Innovative solutions for pre-5G communications

Keywords: Pre-5G, M2M, IoT, HetNets, WebRTC architecture, IMS
RFID system to storage management of judicial pieces of evidence

Keywords: RFID, logistic control
Communications Base Technologies

Keywords: communication technologies
LTE communication technologies for the automated driving and control railway

Keywords: R&D, competence centre, mobile and wireless communications 
Professional Wideband Communications System

Keywords: LTE, LTE-R,GSM-R, communications train to ground
Desarrollo de herramientas para la gestión de costes, calidad y procesos para sistemas de comunicación IP.

Keywords: management, costs, quality, communications
Desarrollo de herramientas de test para la validación de estándares emergentes e interoperabilidad en Smart Cities e IoT (Internet of Things).

Keywords: test, interoperability, Smart Cities, Internet of Things
5G Applications and Devices Benchmarking

Keywords:QoE, 5G

urban lab

Servicio de consultoría y validación de proyectos Smart City para pymes del centro de excelencia Urban Lab Málaga.

Keywords: Smart Cities, validation
Wireless Alliances for Testing Experiment and Research

Palabras clave: UWB, test bed, DAA
Mobile Connectivity Development

Keywords: wireless technologies, test systems
Wireless Integrated Test and Antenna characterization

Keywords: test systems, antennas
Development of Technologies and Tools to facilitate the deployment of the new 4G communications networks

Keywords: mobile communications networks, 4G, mobility
Wireless Technologies for small area Networks with Embedded Security & Safety

Keywords: wireless networks, security, safety


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Tuesday, September 28, 2021
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