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Manufacturers looking to access Japanese HazLoc market count on DEKRA

DEKRA recognized as Certification Body by Japanese government

| 30 January, 2018 |

International expert organization DEKRA has been registered as a Certification Body by the Japanese Ministry of Health, Labour, and Welfare. Manufacturers wishing to export their products used in explosive environments to the Japanese market can now rely on DEKRA for trusted and accepted Japanese certificates (JPEx) with support from local staff. 

In order to export products used in potentially explosive atmospheres to Japan, manufacturers need to have a Japanese certificate issued by a registered certifi-cation body. Until 2016, the Technology Institution of Industrial Safety (TIIS) in Japan was the nation's only certification body. As of today, DEKRA acts as a certification body for Japan to assist manufactur-ers and importers of products used in potentially explosive atmospheres aiming to access the HazLoc markets of the Japanese Archipelago. DEKRA's local staff can help you overcome the various technical barriers and cultural issues that may arise. DEKRA's test reports and certificates for products used in potentially explosive atmospheres have also been recognized under a DFTA (Designated Foreign Testing Agency) license for other Japanese certification bodies.

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