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AT4 wireless joins HTC Connect™ as authorized test laboratory

| 03 April - 2014 | AT4 wireless strengthens its service offering in the consumer electronics and mobile technology industry.

AT4 wireless, a complete wireless certification & testing laboratory with the largest coverage in mobile and wireless technologies, announces that it has joined the HTC Connect program to provide testing solutions.

The HTC Connect program is designed to bring seamless connectivity between HTC devices such as the HTC One series smartphones1 and compatible consumer Bluetooth®, DLNA and Miracast-enable electronics devices. The program offers consumer electronics manufacturers the opportunity to improve sound and visual standards when their televisions, headsets, car infotainment systems, blue ray players, Wi-Fi devices, speakers and accessories are paired with compatible HTC mobile devices.

As an authorized test laboratory, AT4 wireless has demonstrated the required expertise, knowledge and competence to support and provide testing services for Bluetooth and Miracast enabled consumer electronics devices from manufactures looking to conform their devices with the HTC Connect™ program according to the latest test specification of the program.

“AT4 wireless continues to expand its service offering as an accredited test laboratory,” said Noemí Pérez, Wireless Laboratory Manager of AT4 wireless. “We are pleased to join the HTC Connect program as an authorized test laboratory and provide testing services for consumer electronics brands looking to demonstrate good interoperability with compatible HTC devices.”

“We welcome AT4 wireless as an authorized test laboratory for HTC Connect’s Bluetooth and Miracast compatibility program,” said Jeff Chang, HTC Connect program manager at HTC. “We are confident that AT4 wireless will provide testing services that will help our members’ devices meet the HTC Connect connectivity requirements.” Consumer electronics manufacturers looking to enable their devices for the HTC Connect program can contact with the AT4 wireless team following the contact information below.

1 For a full list of HTC devices, please visit


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 Belén García
+34 95 261 93 09

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 Alexandra Martín
+34 952 61 98 95

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