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AT4 wireless has successfully hosted the Fourth A4WP PlugFest

| May 27, 2014 | The Alliance for Wireless Power (A4WP) achieved several key milestones at its 4th Plugfest at AT4 wireless in Herndon, Virginia (USA), a Rezence Authorized Test Lab. This Plugfest reached a new level of participation, with a total of 20 transmitting and receiving devices of various charging levels, from 55 attendees, representing 15 member companies tested during the 5 day event.

Additionally, member companies pushed the limit on achieving technical success. In every combination tested, wireless power transfer was successfully demonstrated to operate according to the Rezence  specification, exhibiting flexibility and spatial freedom. This follows on the heels of the A4WP certification program which launched earlier this year, resulting in several designs already approved for commercialization.

Plugfest’s exist around industry standards to ensure interoperability and validate the effectiveness of the standard. Typically, a Plugfest provides engineers an early opportunity to conduct testing under various interoperability scenarios between products from multiple companies. It is an ideal environment to ensure interoperability and to demonstrate that key features of the written standard can be implemented in the real world. The goal of a standard is that any device certified by the standard’s governing body is compatible with other certified devices. In the case of Rezence, this means that a certified Smartphone operates on a certified charging surface – and a certified tablet and Bluetooth headset will charge on that same surface, in addition to dozens of other scenarios supported by Rezence certified products.

Coming into any Plugfest, success is not guaranteed. It takes hundreds of hours of planning just to coordinate all of the participants. This is why A4WP is exceptionally proud of the results from this and previous Plugfest events.

A4WP has more Plugfests planned throughout the year. To learn more about the certification program, visit A4WP certification page. If you are interested in joining the A4WP or would like to learn more about the benefits each level of membership provides, please visit A4WP membership page.


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