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AT4 wireless becomes GCF Assessment Capable Entity (ACE)

| 25 February, 2014 | AT4 wireless has been recently recognised by GCF as an Assessment Capable Entity (ACE), to determine the range of test required to certify a device and assessing all the results to ensure the device satisfies all relevant certification criteria.

The GCF ACE certification scheme has been designed especially for manufacturers of wireless connected devices, included in a recent and new GCF membership category, Associate Manufacturer.

Associate Manufacturer Members are required to work with a Third Party Assessment Capable Entity (ACE) to be assisted with the certification process.

AT4 wireless has been recognized by GCF as a GCF ACE, because the Laboratory has the necessary knowledge, skills, qualifications and practical experience of GCF standards, procedures, and processes to make sure GCF certification requirements are compliance.

As an ACE, AT4 wireless is capable to identify the necessary conformance, field trial and interoperability testing required getting GCF certification, review the testing results, and the Compliance Folder, before the Certification Declaration beingsubmitted to GCF for completion of the process and the publication of the device certification on the GCF website.

AT4 wireless is fully committed to GCF, following the requisites that this organization includes to bring wireless devices into global market. AT4 wireless offers testing services for GCF certification, having three recognized laboratories worldwide: Spain, USA and Taiwan as well as being Recognized Test Organisation (RTO) listed by GFC.


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