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AT4 wireless providing Wi-Fi performance testing services to leading carriers

| February 26, 2013 | AT4 wireless, a global test authority, has enabled the industry’s major wireless carriers through the development of test acceptance processes, test cases, and test plans defining critical benchmarking criteria for Wi-Fi infrastructure elements and terminals.

The AT4 wireless service offering, within its Carrier Business Unit (CBU), expands the current portfolio of test and certification services into the end to end performance arena.   AT4 wireless is currently building on its advanced end to end quality of service (QoS) testing solutions for carriers adding portable internet based testing solutions, covering all major markets worldwide.

AT4 wireless has evolved conventional laboratory testing to virtual, portable test solutions.  The Quality of Experience QoE testing as perceived by the end wireless user, is a key differentiating factor for operators and vendors.  AT4 wireless has incorporated capabilities to measure KPIs (Key Performance Indicators) and the QoS of popular applications, features, and end to end functionality producing empirical supporting test data.  This data is used to augment and create acceptance programs focused on retention of satisfied customers.  Virtual and portable test programs will continue to facilitate ease of deployment for M2M and critical wireless data business/enterprise applications.

Applications dependant on important variables such as end to end throughput, packet loss, one-way delay, jitter or delay variation, etc.,  should be exposed as the product is being developed and brought to market.  AT4 wireless has knowledge and experience to develop test programs covering these key aspects by integrating off the shelf and proprietary AT4 wireless testing tools, which allow our clients to take advantage of test automation,  structured processes and empirical test data to implement test programs dedicated to the carriers wireless business needs.

“The tests performed by AT4 wireless are being executed either in a controlled laboratory environment or in an over the air end to end network. AT4 wireless’ test programs enable service providers to optimize network performance and thereby improve quality, performance and control cost within their network and service offerings. We will continue to focus on our carriers’ needs to provide advanced data and voice test services by objectively enhancing the end user experience” declares Bryan Mikesh, AT4 wireless, Inc, (COO).

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