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AT4 wireless is now CTIA Authorized Laboratory in North America

| November 7, 2013 | The AT4 wireless USA lab facility located in Herndon, Virginia is now an official CTIA Authorized Test Laboratory (CATL).

The CTIA certification body has recently audited and authorized AT4 wireless in Herndon Virginia, USA allowing the laboratory to perform CTIA RF Performance Over The Air testing services.  This CTIA endorsement is adding to the list of already accredited testing programs hosted by AT4 wireless and regulated under ISO 17025 guidelines.  

A mobile device certified by AT4 wireless under the CTIA Test Plan ensures RF performance of the transmitter and receiver components of end user products.  The execution of the new test plan version 3.2.1 includes new test procedures and new measurements techniques incorporating left and right phantom hands, where previously, only a right hand was required.  The new CTIA 3.2.1 testing also incorporates test scenarios for laptops, smartphones, tablets and M2M devices precisely measuring and modelling RF performance of the mobile equipment.  By focusing on precise RF Performance Measurements, suppliers and consumers of the mobile device better understand the relationships between, technology enabled performance & RF coverage.  Mobile carriers will use this information to help determine the effect of network coverage to user experience on a per device basis.

Reaching this milestone will allow AT4 wireless North America to supporting manufacturers with their RF Performance test requests in accordance with the CTIA, PTCRB and GCF certification authorities.AT4 wireless also includes Carrier Acceptance Test requirements as part of a complete test package for clients.

The addition to AT4 wireless’ already extensive accredited testing and certification portfolio, makes AT4 wireless an easy choice as a global test and certification partner for device suppliers around the globe. 


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