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AT4 wireless recognized as GCF Test Organization (RTO)


 GCF Test Organization (RTO)

Málaga, Spain 6th September 2012.

GCF operates a recognition scheme for organizations that can perform conformance testing, Field Trials and/or interoperability testing for GCF certification.

The recognition scheme is split into 2 areas:

  • GCF Recognized Conformance Test Organizations and
  • GCF Recognized FT/IOP Test Organizations.

AT4 wireless has been recognized in both areas.

AT4 wireless has been GCF member since the very beginning and has been offering testing services for GCF certification since then, having now 3 recognized laboratories worldwide: Spain, USA and Taiwan.

With this recognition, AT4 wireless completes its level of accreditation for Mobile Communications Testing, being one of the first test houses to be listed as RTO.

“AT4 wireless is fully committed to GCF, following the requisites that this organization includes to bring qualified cellular products into global market” said Jose de la Plaza, Telecommunications Mobile Manager. “We will continue investing and promoting this certification among our clients, together with other many services associated to the mobile communications industry as the promising technology NFC”, added Mr. de la Plaza.


Press contact 

 Belén García
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