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DEKRA opens new IoV laboratory in Hsinchu, Taiwan
State-of-the-art laboratory prepared for Internet of Vehicles challenge

| January 12, 2017 - Málaga, Spain |

• Focus on connectivity and EMC testing for automotive industry

• Equipped with state-of –the-art facilities

• Sixth laboratory DEKRA has built over a short timeframe of six months

DEKRA, the international expert organization, is continuing further expansion of its product testing services in East Asia and has opened a new laboratory for the testing of automotive related products in Hsinchu, Taiwan. The focus is to meet the growing demand in testing and certification triggered by the new technology innovations in Internet of Vehicles (IoV) and e-mobility.

Over the past years, the Internet of Vehicles market trend is driving an increasingly connected world which also brings about growing concerns on issues related to connectivity and interoperability. To address these concerns DEKRA has expanded its service portfolio with a series of new lab establishments to complement its existing test lab network. Hsinchu IoV laboratory, the sixth state-of-the-art laboratory that DEKRA builds in East Asia, will provide an integrated service package for the automotive value chain, it will play a key role in reinforcing DEKRA’s leading position in the automotive market in East Asia.

With a strategy to establish testing facilities in the innovation hub and growing market of the Asia-Pacific region, DEKRA IoV laboratory is one of the substantial investment initiatives to build testing facilities offering technology-based solutions under one roof for the highly dynamic automotive industry.

These solutions include but are not limited to:

- Connectivity & Interoperability

- Electromagnetic Compatibility (EMC) and Radio Frequency (RF)

- Safety testing and certification

- Chemical and material characterization

- Performance, reliability testing and failure analysis

- Energy Efficiency

- International market access services

“We“Related to the megatrend of ubiquitous connectivity, Internet of Vehicles is one of the most important technology areas with the potential to re-shape the future of the automotive industry. As the world’s largest provider of testing and inspection services to the automotive sector and as an expert organization with over 90 years of technical track record, it is imperative for us to play a key role addressing the safety and the performance aspects of this technology as it evolves.” Says Stanislaw Zurkiewicz, Chief Regional Officer of DEKRA in East Asia.  are continuously expanding our activities,” says Bert Zoetbrood, CEO of the global service unit Product Testing & Certification. “In 2015 we added ten product testing laboratories through strategic acquisitions, and we will be opening multiple additional labs in the course of 2016 and 2017. The Internet of Things megatrend is driving an increasingly connected world. By continually broadening our solutions offering in dynamic, growing markets, we are helping customers to meet the demand for safe products.”

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