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Serviber GF – Bill and Inventory Management

Serviber GF is a system designed to manage and control a company’s inventory and bills for telecommunications services.

Serviber GF provides a simplified solution to managing the upload, verification, unified processing (landline, mobile and data), analysis and distribution by cost centre of bills sent by operators in electronic format. This offers a standardised method which improves budget and accounting control, and enables more efficient management of the services catalogue and permanent inventory of telecommunications resources.

It is compatible with the standard format for bills send electronically by operators (Telefónica, Vodafone, Orange and Ono), and other formats can also be incorporated through the specification and development of personalised processes.

Implementation of the Serviber GF platforms establishes a work method based on dividing technical processing functions for bills into distribution and verification (administrator) and information (user). For users, there is an optional Analysis Module or Control Panel, a web application that offers a flexible way of carrying out searches and generating reports and graphics showing telephone costs for each cost area (companies, branches, cost centres, projects, campaigns, etc), as well as by type of services contracted (BTN lines, RDSI, mobiles, ADSL, etc.).

Serviber GF offers numerous advantages:

 Efficiency in the administration, management and control of telecommunications costs
 Reduction of costs, time and resources in processing and managing telecommunications bills
 Information to support decision-making and negotiation processes when contracting telecommunications services
 Improvement in the company’s internal telecommunications services


Serviber GF – Bill and Inventory Management  Serviber GF – Bill and Inventory Management  Serviber GF – Bill and Inventory Management


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Wednesday, January 26, 2022
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