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Continua Health Alliance

Since 2008, DEKRA is committed to Continua Health Alliance and has worked with this organization at different levels:

 Developing the only test system validated by Continua Health Alliance for certification testing in its different versions (DG 2008 – v1.0, DG 2010 – v1.5, and DG 2011 – v2.0).

 Being selected as the 1st Continua Health Alliance Certification Laboratory in Spain and later expanding this service to USA and Taiwan locations.

 Training most of the laboratories recognized by Continua Health Alliance.

 Participating in Continua Plugfest and Summits by providing support with the Test Tool, providing One-to-One consulting sessions as Continua Certification Experts and participating actively in Continua Working Groups during these events.

 Becoming Continua Developer Partner for the development future specifications versions, such as, DG 2012 – v3.0, DG 2013 – Endorphin and DG 2014 – Genome. Currently, DEKRA is developing the Test Tool for DG 2012 – v3.0.

Latest Test Tool version available includes: Test Suites to verify compliance against standards selected by Continua in Design Guidelines v1.0, v1.5 and v2.0 for PAN-LAN Agents and Managers devices over USB, Bluetooth and ZigBee Transport; LP-PAN Agent and Manager over Bluetooth Low Energy Transport; WAN Senders and WAN Receivers with non-secure and secure transports; and HRN Senders with direct and indirect communication.

Additionally, DEKRA staff includes two Continua Certification Experts (CCE). CCEs are individuals appointed by Continua Health Alliance to support vendors and labs during the certification process, being current CCE Task Force Chair an DEKRA’ employee.

DEKRA offers consultancy services to those companies or institutions interested in making their products and solutions Continua Compatible. We help them achieving this goal thanks to the knowledge acquired in the provision of the abovementioned services.

Test Manager Test Cases Results for Continua Health Alliance®      Test Manager Test Cases Selection for Continua Health Alliance®

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Tuesday, January 25, 2022
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