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 3POL Triple Play
Triple-Play Services Over LTE

Keywords: Triple-play, LTE
Application of ICT on healthcare and personal welfare in an interoperability environment

Keywords: eHealth, interoperability, monitoring
Wireless Communications technologies Architecture focused on improving quality in healthcare services

Keywords: eHealth, Networks management, advanced services
Business Operating Support Systems
Keywords: Management system, communications network, QoS
Development of an advanced and powerful web portal for teleasistance and remote management, control and configuration of air conditioned devices
Keywords: Remote management
Efficient continuous care for multipathological chronic patients

Keywords: eHealth, telemonitoring, continuous care 


Herramienta de MInería de DAtoS para la prestación de servicios de evaluación de "performance" en redes de comunicaciones móviles

Keywords: Data mining, performance, networks, communications, mobile
Development of a multi-standard physical layer to be integrated in new 4G communications networks test tools

Keywords: development
Development of an advanced platform for the evaluation of the performance of mobile networks and terminals.

Keywords: performance testing, mobile, QoE
Precision, Diagnosis, and Comparative Tool for the Evaluation of Mobile Communications Networks

Keywords: 4G, 5G, Wi-Fi, data management
RFID System to delivery process control

Keywords: RFID, logistic control
RFID system to storage management of judicial pieces of evidence

Keywords: RFID, logistic control
Desarrollo de herramientas para la gestión de costes, calidad y procesos para sistemas de comunicación IP.

Keywords: management, costs, quality, communications
Desarrollo de herramientas de test para la validación de estándares emergentes e interoperabilidad en Smart Cities e IoT (Internet of Things).

Keywords: test, interoperability, Smart Cities, Internet of Things


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Tuesday, September 28, 2021
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