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AT4 wireless and Toyo Corporation to offer testing services in Japan

| February 26, 2013 | Both companies recognize the need to offer advanced testing services for Telecom technologies, not only to Telecom companies but others companies as Automotive, Health and Consumer electronics, that are now often integrating Telecommunications modules and solutions  in their products.

The first stage for this cooperation is already going on and both companies will start offering OTA MIMO Testing services for LTE, at the same time, the two partners will start testing LTE protocols, starting in February

Both companies,  have decided to start testing LTE in Japan given the importance of this technology in Japan that host some of the leading network operators in this technology and also some of the more advanced vendors worldwide. Both companies are already investing important resources in this laboratory that will offer state of the art services for LTE.

"We are so excited with the launch of wireless test laboratory services in Japan, an excellent opportunity that allows us to make the best use of Toyo's 60 years of experience in sales, consulting, and calibration services in the Test & Measurement market, now reinforced with AT4 wireless's knowhow on such a wide range of wireless testing services.  Jointly with AT4, we will do our best to help our customers expand their business through our testing services," said Mr. Mitsuru Onodera, Executive Officer, Information and Communications Technologies, Toyo Corporation.

“This is an unique opportunity, LTE is a key technology for AT4 wireless, Toyo  has demonstrated that it is a great partner for the last years and Japan is a quite important and professional market, where the AT4 wireless Network had to be present”, declared Fernando E. Hardasmal, Deputy General Director and Chief Marketing and Sales Officer.

Telecom manufacturers will benefit from both companies combined reach and experience, together with local knowledge and expertise in the ground.

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